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PHILIPS UV-C Disinfection System

As you know today’s pandemic situation when everyone is fighting with Covid -19 world wide . But it is becoming very tough in day today’s life to keep us and our families safe. And everyone is taking every precaution when we come  back at home with some day to day household  life items .

When we are getting day to day items through online sites which can carry infection . At the same time it is also very difficult that we can wash each and every item . There are certain items those  can’t washed.

For that Philips has comes with one solution for items those can’t be washed or sanitized . New product launched by Philips is PHILIPS UV-C Disinfection System in different models .

Capacity :

We are talking about the Model which has the capacity of 30 ltrs.

Light On, Germs Gone! It claims disinfects 99.99% Germs .

Pack Includes:

1 Disinfection System( containing 2 nos 8w UV Lamp & 1 nos Tray) + 1 Free 9-Watt LED Smart Wi-fi Bulb .

Warranty :

It comes with 1 year on site warranty on Disinfection unit at select locations (UV-C Lamps is not covered). 

User Manual included :

Philips has a UV – C lamp offering which uses the UV- band to disinfect the products exposed to it. The UV Lamps based disinfection unit can be used in Homes/Retail/Offices conveniently within 2 to 8 minutes. This kills 99.99% Germs when used for the recommended time.

Items can be cleaned :

Philips Disinfection System can be used to disinfect a wide variety of products such as keys, hand bags, clutches, wallets, watches, rings, chains, combs, sunglasses, packaged foods, fruits & vegetables, milk packets, toys & bottles, instruments, currency notes, bill books, mobile phones, remotes, laptops, power banks etc.

Special material used in the unit reflects light ensuring almost uniform disinfection over the objects.

Safety Measures :

This comes with auto cut off of the UV Lamps if the door is opened while the unit is functioning making it safe for human use.

Different Modes:

We found this very easy to use with pre-set modes of 2, 5 or 8 minutes & standard timer of 3 minutes which can be quickly activated by pressing the start button twice.

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